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May 21, 2022

Ep.81 Dreaming of a Life Abroad with Nancy Mulemwa Siisii

There is so much more that goes into packing your bags, leaving everything and everyone that you have known your whole life and starting a new life in a completely new country. The chief dreamer herself, Nancy Mulemwa Siisii, breaks down the nuances of being a Dreamer. 

We cover:

- Culture Shocks

- Education abroad

- Visas | Green Cards | Citizenship

- Parenting as an immigrant

- Dating 

- Staying connected to your culture

- Finding community

Nancy Mulemwa Siisii was born and raised in Zambia, but later migrated to America and settled in New York where she’s been living for 20 years.

She has over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, working as a financial center manager. Being an immigrant has been one of the most challenging and extraordinary experiences of her life. It inspired her to start her podcast “Concrete Pastures: An African Immigrant Story” as a platform to reach out to fellow immigrants and dreamers.

Nancy’s goal is to provide a platform to deconstruct the world’s view of immigrant status, and unlock the joys, laughs, and bravery that being a dreamer brings about.


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