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May 28, 2022

Ep.82 Why Education Is Not Changing with Tebogo Kangote III

Everything in this world has evolved except Education. Phones have changed over time. TVs have changed. Fashion has changed. Even makeup. Yet somehow Education is impervious to change, let alone improvement. It does seem a little suspect that 60 years after independence our children are still learning in the same way and learning the same content as during colonial times. Okay I exaggerate, instead men slotted themselves into the history books and that was about all that changed.  Tebogo and I examine the difference between well funded schools and those that are less resourced. We cover:

  • Differentiated teaching / learning
  • Parents roles
  • Reasons why education has not changed
  • Private vs Govt schools

Tebogo Kangote III wears a few hats however professionally she is an educator. She grew up in a small dusty township called GaRankuwa in Pretoria, South Africa. Tebogo grew up being made to believe she can do anything she wanted to do regardless of who says what. After completing high school in the mountains of Mmakau , her parents had no objection with her pursuing a Jazz and popular Music Diploma. Unfortunately, her father was retrenched and she couldn't complete the course. This is when her childhood fantasy of becoming a teacher was realised. Tebogo got a scholarship to study BEd at UNISA under the Thandulwazi Internship while interning at one of the best schools in South Africa St Stithians for the duration of her studies. Zambia was chosen for her by God or fate. Tebogo fell in love and got married to a Zambian man, which is why she currently resides in Lusaka, Zambia.


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