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looking back, as an African Woman living in foreign lands, I wish I had this podcast. A place where I can feel connected to home. A space where women have honest & intelligent conversations, where everyone understands my lingo or when and why I code switch. A space that is safe to talk about all things that were taboo growing up but I never quite learned and yet am supposed to be an expert on as an adult. A space where healing, unlearning and growth is normal. But hey that was me, maybe you don’t need that. So let’s keep Africana Woman the best kept secret.

July 16, 2022

Ep.89 Collaborate to Accelerate with Monde Zama

There is always someone we know who has amazing things happen to them all the time. Are they just super lucky? Or is something else at play. Today I talk to Monde Zama, the owner of Zasik Global, a grocery delivery service for Zambians in the Diaspora to support their families back home. We talk about:

- Identifying opportunities

- Being a problem solver

- Networking

- Collaboration

Monde Zama has always been a hustler. When she was in secondary school she would purchase sweets and sell them to my peers. Monde studied Publishing and Media at University and took night classes at Hoxton Makeup academy to become a make up artist and would offer her services for hair and makeup at fashion shows (London fashion week.), Music Video’s and personal clients. A few months in Monde started selling hair and accessories on That was her entry into e-commerce.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, she was tasked with helping to sell some of the farms produce to my Zambian friends all over the world. There were about 80 bags. They managed to sell them within a week. Monde could see that there was a lot of potential and thus she got to working on what is now Zasik Global.



Instagram: @Harmzlondon

Instagram: @Zasik.Global

Facebook: Zasik Global



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