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Hey Beautiful,
looking back, as an African Woman living in foreign lands, I wish I had this podcast. A place where I can feel connected to home. A space where women have honest & intelligent conversations, where everyone understands my lingo or when and why I code switch. A space that is safe to talk about all things that were taboo growing up but I never quite learned and yet am supposed to be an expert on as an adult. A space where healing, unlearning and growth is normal. But hey that was me, maybe you don’t need that. So let’s keep Africana Woman the best kept secret.

July 19, 2022

The Gift of 100 Stories

In two years we have gathered The Gift of 100 African Women's Stories. Please keep passing this gift on with this special episode. Our goal is to reach 1000 women. You can make it happen by paying it forward.

Africana Woman has hosted 70+ women from more than 20 countries. Today we chose 33 stories by Kako, Lelo, Lubunga, Penelope, Asedi, Keji, Natasha, Tuba, Mehntay, Tumelo, Chola, Mweni, Moono, Wangu, Evelyn, Zanelle, Ruth, Paula, Yuna, Adelle, Karette, Donna, Liza, Mapalo, Zelipa, Mulenga, Sara, Christabel, Julia, Nokwanda, Monde, Clara and Meryanne. 

Thank you for being part of the Africana Woman journey. 


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