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June 11, 2022

Ep.84 The Hotelier of Marrakesh with Meryanne Loum-Martin

Let it go on the record that this is my favourite episode on the Africana Woman podcast. They say parents do not have a favourite child, that's a lie. I explain why it is my favourite right at the end. Meryanne has so much to share including:

- the story of her ancestry

- being authentic to who you are

- creating sustainable economic opportunities for African artisans

- legacy & succession

- what being the beneficiary of generational wealth did for her

- entrepreneurship

Former Parisian lawyer. Passionate about architecture and interiors. Self taught architect and interior designer. Own and design award winning hospitality concepts in Marrakech since 1989. Won the 2000 Harpers and Queens award of " Best Private estate to rent in the world". Author of "Inside Marrakesh: enchanting homes and gardens" published by Rizzoli NY which went in record times in second print. I believe that hospitality is a tool to change the economy and opportunities of sectors of the population in Africa who masters crafts but not college education.



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